Hope Global Outreach Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Fullerton, CA.

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Students learn leadership skills by organizing and operating their own community service clubs.

Community Service

Students become actively engaged in their communities.


Students reach out locally and internationally through major projects that are funded by their own fundraising efforts.


Students receive official recognition through the President’s Volunteer Service Award and other official awards.


Project Motel Kids: Youngsters selected from The Boys and Girls Club of Anaheim
enjoy a day at Disneyland for the first time!

Johanna Trujillo
(age 11)

“That was the best day ever!”


Olivia Bacio (age 11)

“I love Disneyland.” 


Huitzilin Valadez
(age 11)

“Thank you for making my dream come true.” 

Girl Smiling Face

Remigio Morales
(age 11)

“That was so, so much fun!” 


Aylet Godoy
(age 9)

“Can we come back next year?” 


Josefina Morales
(age 11)

“I wish all my friends were here, too.” 

A Message From the President

Hope Global Outreach Foundation is a non profit organization established for the purpose of educating young students about community involvement and active volunteer service.

The membership consists of individual HOPE clubs chartered in numerous high schools and colleges across the country.

The goal of the organization is to involve young students not only in the local community service activities but also in national and international affairs. Locally, students are involved in direct community service efforts, such as recycling drives, food drives, street cleanups, and tutoring. On the national level, the concerted effort of the national membership attempts to influence legislation through petition drives and awareness campaigns. Internationally, the foundation contributes money and food donations to the orphaned refugees in several countries.

The Foundation seeks to teach the young generation the value of compassion and the power of the grassroots efforts. Projects are conceived, planned, and executed by students. Through their own successes and failures, the students acquire the valuable skills they will need as the leaders of the next generation.

Donations, support, and new membership are always welcome. We hope that you find our endeavors worthwhile and become involved as patrons or members.

Yubin Chang

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  • As a co-founder of HOPE, I was with HOPE from the very beginning. I started out as a Secretary, then President, then Board Member, and then Director. I have gained more than just leadership positions to write on my resume. I gained leadership skill/experience, lifelong friends, and a better understanding of the world today. I’m better equipped in the field of presenting, public speaking, and managing. But the greatest part was gathering with people who had the same passion to spread hope to children who need it most.
    Soua Hong
    Pratt Institute
  • I worked with Hope since the 10th grade. I started as a member of Hope. Quickly, I was promoted multiple times to a Yorba Linda High School President, Head of Design Department, Treasurer, Vice President, and then President. Hope teaches you about real leadership and gives the chance to work as leaders to everyone. On my way from a member to a president of Hope GO Foundation, I saw the changes that Hope made to truly help children. Now, as a director and board member, I hope to help more children and give them the chance to be leaders.
    Ah Jin Cho
    Cornell University
  • I began my involvement with Hope as a member and increased my involvement by finding a local chapter in the City of Cerritos. I then pursued a higher leadership position in the organization, becoming Secretary, Vice President, and finally, Chief Executive Officer. By leading and becoming involved in this organization, I gained so many essential skills—from communication to leadership to collaboration. Hope has definitely been one of my most enriching experiences and has give me the chance to give back to my community in unique and fulfilling ways.
    Esther Woo
    Univ. of Pennsylvania

Since 2010, Hope Global Outreach Foundation has devoted its energy to advocating passionately for the hungry, needy, and politically under-represented members of our global family. In addition, we’re raising our volunteers to become leaders of the future. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money and time. 

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