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How To Get Involved


Become a member and make a difference in your community

Join a chapter close to you.


Join a Hope Club | Rules and Regulations

You probably heard about Hope organization through a member. We recommend that you join that person’s club as a new member and begin participating. You may join any Hope Club at any time throughout the year

  1. Contact your local chapter and request to become a member. 
  2. Once the chapter approves your membership, come back to this site and complete the online MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION.
  3. If you wish to found a Hope Club, follow these steps after filling out the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION:
    ONE, be an active member for at least 6 months.
    TWO, ask your current Hope Club officers or Junior Board Members for guidance how to found a club, or contact us directly by sending us an email. Contact Hope GOF:
  4. Hope activities are limited to helping children in their communities. Every activity must be approved by the HOPE GOF.
    Submit all activity plans on a Hope Club meeting minutes to:

    Examples of ACCEPTED activities are:
    a.  fundraising efforts with a clear goal to help children:  car wash, walk-a-thon, garage sales, bake sales, restaurant        fundraisers, recycling, bowling/golf tournaments.
    b.  outreach activities with a HOPE GOF approval: visiting children at the hospitals, organizing activities for Boys and Girls Clubs, tutoring at the children’s library, performing, art activities with children.

    Examples of NOT ACCEPTED activities are:
    a.  collecting funds without an organized fundraiser events is not allowed.
    b.  beach cleaning, park cleaning is not allowed without an additional activity organized to reach out to children.
    c.  donating funds raised by a Hope Club or Hope Clubs to other non-profit organizations or individuals.

    HOPE GLOBAL OUTREACH FOUNDATION was founded in 2010 by young teens to reach out to other children in the community to provide help, to share talents, and to grow awareness.

Membership Application

If you are a new member, contact your Hope Club officers to help you fill out this application.  If your Hope Club is not listed, please go ahead and register and write the name of the club. This will expedite updating our website.

If you don't know a local chapter

If you don’t know any current member or how to get in touch with a local chapter, use the contact form below.  We will connect you to the nearest local chapter. 

To Found a New Chapter | Rules and Regulations

You must be a high school student.  Contact an established Hope Chapter Junior Board Members and ask them to guide you to establish a Hope Chapter. After serving under an existing Hope Club, you may found  a Hope Club with your own members. If you are interested in founding a local chapter and you are 9th grade and above, the following are the steps:

ONE – serve as a general member for at least 6 months.
TWO – recruit at least 7 members and name your Hope Club, write a mission statement, and submit all information to a Hope Chapter you serve.
THREE – serve as a president, vice president, secretary, or a treasurer of the club for an entire year.  Members who are in 9th grade may NOT serve as a president of the club.
FOUR – work with your club members to help found 4 additional Hope Clubs. 
The moment you have organized at least five Hope Clubs, you have become a Hope Chapter. Your Chapter name will be given to you by the board members of Hope GOF. There may be more than one founders for a club or a chapter.


“I hereby affirm that I am, at all times and places, 

a proud representative of my family, my community, my country,  and my religion.  

I pledge always to conduct myself in manner that brings honor to those I represent, 

and I pledge always to be mindful of my duty and commitment to the betterment of my community.”