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How To Get Involved


Become a member and make a difference in your community

Join a chapter close to you.


Join a Hope Club

You probably heard about Hope organization through a member. We recommend that you join that person’s club as a new member and begin participating. You may join any Hope Club at any time throughout the year

  1. Contact your local chapter and request to become a member. 
  2. Once the chapter approves your membership, come back to this site and complete the online MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION.
  3. If you wish to found a Hope Club, follow these steps after filling out the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION:
    One, be an active member for at least 6 months.
    Two, ask your current Hope Club officers, Junior Board Members for guidance how to found a club, or contact us directly by sending us an email.
    Contact Hope GOF:

Membership Application

Fill out this form AFTER you’ve contacted the local chapter. You must know the exact name of the local chapter.

If you don't know a local chapter

If you don’t know any current member or how to get in touch with a local chapter, use the contact form below.  We will connect you to the nearest local chapter. 

To Found a New Chapter

We do not currently allow new members to found a new chapter from scratch. If you are interested in founding a local chapter of your own, you must first join an existing chapter and be a member in good standing at least 6 months. Then you must found a Hope Club and serve as an officer for two school years and receive a recommendation from the three Junior Board Members of that chapter. From the year 2022/23, Hope Chapters must be founded by a member in the 11th grade and higher.