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2nd Annual College Track Writing

Summer 2020
July 10 – August 18

College Track Writing 2020 Summer

What is the College Track Writing Program?

Summer 2020

July 5th ~ August 28th

Summer 2020 Program Detail

  • Each Learner is required to submit 3 essay drafts per week. Recommended schedule is M/W/F, but it may be adjusted as needed. 
  • Communication between Learner and Study Buddy will be conducted by email. 
  • All drafts and correction will be posted to this website by the Study Buddies (no names will be used). 
  • Either the Learner or the Study Buddy who misses more than 2 deadlines may be dropped from the program and banned from future participation. 
  • Weekly live session with an English teacher will be conducted through YouTube Broadcast.

Why join the program?

Benefits as a Learner

Just by practicing your writing skills on a regular basis, you will become better at expressing yourself and you will feel less pressure when you get writing assignments.

You get direct and personal feedback from a tutor who can help you to make improvements to your writing. 

By practicing with diverse writing topics, you will be better able to tackle any type of writing assignment from school. 

Benefits for Tutors:

You can earn community service hours while working at home. 

You will strengthen your own writing and grammar skills through the training program and regular editing practice. 

You will be providing a great service to youngsters who might not otherwise have the opportunity to get personal help.


Thank You, 2017 Volunteers! Our summer program was a great success. Here are some some examples of the hard work done by the students and their tutors.