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Hope Scholar Digest Info Sheet

Program Introduction

    1. The Hope Scholar Digest is a mandatory program of self-development required of all Hope Club officers and future members who wish to participate in the leadership roles.  Each member is to engage in a topic of personal interest and to produce a substantive end-product that showcases the accomplishment. Up to 150 hours of leadership self-improvement hours will be awarded, provided that a detailed record of hours-spent is maintained. 
    2. The Hope Scholar Digest itself is a quarterly publication that introduces the best selections from all the submissions. Only 20 projects will be selected for publication each quarter, with 5 pages dedicated to each project. Projects that are not selected for publication will still receive leadership hours. 
    3. This program is intended for our members to gain practical experience to better prepare them for undergraduate studies. Those who successfully complete the program will also qualify to earn volunteer service hours in the future by helping younger students with their projects. 
    4. While the topic you choose is solely based on your personal interest, the project should be scholarly in nature. Some examples may be research papers, essay collections, short story collections, scientific experiments, and the like. If you choose a different field of study, such as arts, performance, computer science, music, and the like, keep in mind that you will need to produce something tangible, as well as a written report to explain your work. 
    5. Since the Digest is published quarterly (every three months), you will have 4 opportunities to submit your project. You need to choose one of the 4 publication periods. Please plan ahead, as many students will tend to procrastinate and submit their project at the last of the four periods. If too many submissions come in at the same time, it will be more difficult to be selected for publication.  
    6. One Project submission is required for each year by the time you submit your hours for awards. 

Rules and Regulations

    1. In order to meet the mandatory requirement, you must do the following:
      1. Engage in 50 to 150 hours in one project
      2. Must submit a plan for approval before starting the actual project
      3. Submit a progress report (forms will be provided)
      4. Produce a substantive end-product of the project
      5. Submit a 1500-page report (an abridged version of your end-product, or a description of your project)
      6. Maintain a detailed, on-going time-log of all hours invested in the project.   
    2. Topic Categories: These are some examples of project categories. 
      1. Research Paper: A formal research paper of academic nature (history, science, literature, etc.), adhering to the format of a college dissertation (length of 4000 to 6000 words). 
      2. Fiction:  A collection of self-authored short stories or poems (length of 4000 to 6000 words, including explication if desired). 
      3. Arts & Crafts: Introduce personally created artworks in photos & descriptions.
      4. Music: Upload musical performance or production to YouTube and provide a link and a written description.
      5. Computer science:  Create a software with an end product that can be seen on the web, with a written description. 
      6. Essay: A collection of essays on personal experiences, social opinions, etc.(length of 4000 to 6000 words). 
    3. Complete Work vs. Published Version
      1. Your complete work can take the form of one or more pieces of writing, art creations, performances, etc. What is published in the Journal will be 3~5 pages of an abridged version of the written work, or 3~5 pages of an introduction to the non-written creation (may include photos). The written introduction to the non-written project must be included when the project submission is made. 
    4. Deadlines
      1. July 2022
        1. 7/16 Applications Due for January publication
        2. 7/27 Initial Project Plan Due for January publication
      2. August 2022
        1. 8/8 Final Project Plan Due for January publication
        2. 8/15 Weekly Plan Due for January publication
        3. 8/22 Priority deadline for October publication (better chance of being selected)

Student Instructions

    1. You are asked to complete one project for the school year. Plan to submit your project at one of the four available publishing periods (based on Hope Club’s school year): 
      1. Quarter 1: April – June (July publication)
      2. Quarter 2: July – September (October publication)
      3. Quarter 3: October – December (January publication)
      4. Quarter 4: January – March (April publication)
    2. Choose a project that would take you about 50 to 100 hours to complete. Consider the following list of examples to come up with your own project idea. Your actual project is limited only by your imagination. The only requirement is that you must produce something tangible that everyone can see. 
    3. Project Examples:
      1. Research paper: Write a 4000+ word research paper on any topic. It should generally follow the format of a college dissertation. Here are some possible topic examples:
        1. Literature – The Effectiveness of Humor in the Writing of Mark Twain.
        2. History – The Civil Service Examination system of Korea’s Joseon Dynasty. 
        3. Politics – How Marxism Has Succeeded or Failed in its Implementation.
        4. Religion – The Various names of God as used in Biblical texts.
      2. Scientific/Social Experiment: Conduct a scientific experiment and report the findings. It should follow the general format for scientific research papers (abstract, hypothesis, data, interpretation, conclusion, etc.). Consider these examples to get some ideas. 
        1. How does exposure to different types of music affect the growth of plants? 
        2. How does increased levels of carbon in the air affect plant growth?
        3. How does engagement in social media affect a teenager’s mood?  
      3. Fine Arts: A 3 to 5 page written introduction to the works is required.
        1. Produce a small collection of artwork to be exhibited online. 
        2. Produce some unique craft items and try selling them on sites like    
      4. Performing Arts: A 3 to 5 page written introduction to the works is required.
        1. Put on a performance in a public setting (senior center, church, boys & girls club, etc.) Record the event and make it  available for public viewing.  
      5. Business Venture: Start a business and generate income. There are many ways to make money, but your goal should be gaining the experience of starting a personal business. 
        1. Make YouTube content to generate income. 
        2. Buy some item at wholesale price and resell it at retail price.  
    4. Once you’ve decided on your project idea, complete the online application by the proper deadline. 
      1. Application deadlines: 
        1. Quarter 1: (July publication) April 15th
        2. Quarter 2: (October publication) July 15th
        3. Quarter 3: (January publication) October 15th
        4. Quarter 4: (April publication) January 15th
    5. Submit your completed project by the submission deadline. Details on the process will be announced at a later time. 
    6. If your project is selected for publication, you will be notified accordingly. If it is not selected, you will be notified of the number of leadership hours you have earned through the project.