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Communication Rules

In all your email communications, follow these rules.

  1. Always use semi-formal letter writing format, including a salutation and a closing. It is quite infuriating for adults to receive emails from students that say nothing but “Here” or “Okay” as the entire message of an email.
  2. Write in complete sentences, properly punctuated and capitalized. Don’t treat this like an instant chat conversation.
  3. Please reply to official email as soon as you can, even if it’s only a short message to acknowledge that you have received it.
  4. Make sure that you read the entirety of my email. Too often, students do not fully read the emails and end up asking about things that were already explained in the emails.


Example of a Good Email:


Dear Mr. K,

I have received your email and read over the material thoroughly. I will discuss the matter with other club members in our next meeting.

I will keep you updated on any decisions we make.

Best Regards,

Sammy Jones


Example of a Bad Email:


hey i got the email thanks


Examples of Acceptable Salutations:

Dear Mr. K,

Hello, Mr. K,

Hi, Mr. K,


Examples of Unacceptable Salutations:

Hey, Mr. K,

Yo, Mr. K,


[no salutation at all]