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House of Angels - Busan, Korea Partnership Projects

House of Angels

House of Angels in Busan, Korea

We are working to provide education and life skills for children who resides at the House of Angels. 

One of the primary goals  is to provide English education opportunities for children 7-19 years old. The VQ (Vocabulary Quotient) program will allow them to learn and strengthen their English words. VQ program allows its learners to study the words once and never forget them.

How you can help! Sponsor a child for just $145 for one course.  You can also donate laptops, smart phones, or tablets.

With VQ program, students learn:

  • To read and write English
  • To have full access to an online workbook
  • To gain computer skills

Unlike teenagers growing up in the States, the House of Angels youth often have no choice but to give up their educational interests and dreams to make a living. Through these classes, we provide the youth with the opportunity to learn without financial burden.

How you can help:

  • Donate your old laptop
  • Donate smart phones, iPads, or other tablets
  • Donate funds

Help us help them make their dreams become a reality.