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Project Motel Kids


Project Motel Kids: Youngsters selected from The Boys and Girls Club of Anaheim enjoy a day at Disneyland for the first time!

With Project Motel Kids we want to:
Help with their homework assignments
Help build vocabulary
Hold special events

How you can help:
Donate funds to purchase workbooks and online programs
Donate smart phones & gadgets
Donate musical instruments
Donate art supplies

Help us help them reach their dreams.

Project overview

There are many families in Orange County, California who don’t have a permanent address. They go from motel to motel every month.

We are currently working with the Boys and Girls Club of Anaheim. We partnered to provide children of the motel resident families a chance to visit “The Happiest Place on Earth” at Disneyland in Anaheim. We are holding various fundraising events to raise money, not only to send this family to Disneyland, but also to provide them with basic essentials. Our main fundraising method is selling handmade candles – poured, packaged, and sold by HOPE club members.


Informational Videos

Informational Articles Click the button to read the full article

The Orange County Register

Johnson: Motel kid grows up, out, and into better life

She used to be a Motel Kid. I’ll explain. They are the most difficult children to spot, especially if you have no reason to try. They live in cheap motels, in a single, almost always filthy room with one or both parents, who are usually struggling in some way, with mental illness or addiction or both. The children dodge cars in the parking lot when allowed to go out to play…

Los Angeles Times

Commentary: How a former Orange County motel kid is ending homelessness

A 12-year-old girl sitting on a motel bed, surrounded by homework, siblings and parents, all crammed into one small room. A 9-year-old boy entering a classroom with his head down, ashamed to not know where he will sleep tonight.