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Who We Are

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Hope Global Outreach Foundation is a nonprofit organization established by four high school students in 2010 who wished to make a difference in improving the quality of life of children in their community. They believed in approaching a problem by beginning at the end. By identifying their end goal, they were able to figure out the best strategy to put their mission into action. They were brave children who wanted to learn from trial and error to gain knowledge and experience to solve one small problem at a time.

In 2022, the membership consists of 23 individual HOPE Clubs chartered in numerous high schools and cities across Southern California.

The goal of each Hope Club is to identify its own goals to improve the quality of life of other children in their community. They meet regularly to plan, implement, evaluate, and execute in order to meet their monthly and annual goals. 

The Foundation seeks to teach the young generation the value of compassion and the power of the grassroots efforts. Projects are conceived, planned, and executed by students. Through their own successes and failures, the students acquire the valuable skills they will need as the leaders of the next generation.

Donations, support, and new membership are always welcome.  We hope that you find our endeavors worthwhile and become involved as patrons or members.

Yubin Chang