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Who We Are

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Hope Global Outreach Foundation is a non profit organization established for the purpose of educating young students about community involvement and active volunteer service.

The membership consists of individual HOPE clubs chartered in numerous high schools and colleges across the country.

The goal of the organization is to involve young students not only in the local community service activities but also in national and international affairs.  Locally, students are involved in direct community service efforts, such as recycling drives, food drives, street cleanups, and tutoring.  On the national level, the concerted effort of the national membership attempts to influence legislation through petition drives and awareness campaigns.  Internationally, the foundation contributes money and food donations to the orphaned refugees in several countries.

The Foundation seeks to teach the young generation the value of compassion and the power of the grassroots efforts. Projects are conceived, planned, and executed by students. Through their own successes and failures, the students acquire the valuable skills they will need as the leaders of the next generation.

Donations, support, and new membership are always welcome.  We hope that you find our endeavors worthwhile and become involved as patrons or members.

Yubin Chang